Use Cases

The platform is designed to solve the following tasks:

  • Traffic switching.
  • Classification of traffic in the network.
  • Preliminary analysis of network traffic.
  • Determination of priority traffic types, geography, resources used, average daily load.
  • Filtering traffic according to specified criteria in real time.


Multifunctional packet processing acceleration platform - hardware and software complex for switching, filtering and monitoring IP traffic in real time without loss.

Criteria for rules

  • MAC address
  • Port, port range
  • IP address, IP-IP, subnets (IP + Mask)
  • Login on the authorization server
  • Application type
  • Geolocation
  • Regular expressions
  • Signature


  • Commutation. Non-blocking switching without packet loss.
  • Blocking. Used to filter out the output stream unwanted traffic types.
  • Recording. If necessary, you can record a certain type of traffic in file for analysis using third-party software provision.
  • Traffic redirection. Part of the main stream can be separated traffic and send to a free network interface, for example, for bypass filtering.



  • FPGA
  • Linux
  • PostgreSQL
  • DPDK


  • The total bandwidth of the switching matrix is 80 Gb / s
  • The total speed of the processed stream (classification and analysis) -10 Gbit / s


  • Data exchange interface - 8 x SFP + (8 x 10 Gbps)
  • Management interface - 1 Gb Ethernet; 4 x USB; 2.0 Display port
  • Front panel monitoring via OLED display
  • Web-based management